Tooth Sensitivity after a Dental Restoration

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If you have recently had dental restoration and are feeling unusual tooth sensitivity, please don’t worry. This is actually a common occurrence and will go away soon within a few weeks, normally. What kind of pain might you be experiencing? The most common is sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages, and even cold air if you breathe through your mouth. It might even hurt when you bite down on the filled tooth in the beginning. This will likely go away soon.
On the other hand, if your tooth sensitivity hurts more than a few weeks, or seems unbearable to you, please let us know because we can help. There are things we can do, for example, we can apply a desensitizing solution to the tooth, or recommend desensitizing toothpastes for you to use that will help provide relief.
It might be possible that you will experience pain from severe tooth decay that was close to the tooth pulp. If the tissue has decayed too much it might have to be removed by a root canal.
If the filled tooth only hurts when you bite down, it may be necessary to file the filling material down so that it correctly fits with the bite. This is a minor adjustment that should help.
If you have a gold crown tooth, and you get a silver amalgam tooth filling made, they can clash in the beginning as the teeth adjust to the different metals touching. Another cause of brief tooth sensitivity involves pain signals. Your newly filled tooth might be sending out pain signals which makes it seem like neighboring teeth are experiencing. This is will go away soon as well.
Tooth sensitivity after a dental restoration is common and nothing to fear. Please let us know if you have any concerns. You can reach our Pine Ridge Dental team in Edgewood or Wilderness Ridge Nebraska at 402-423-1100 today. Our team of dedicated dentists, Dr. Tom Tetrick, Dr. Fariba Vakilzadian, Dr. Rich Nolte, Dr. Josh King, Dr. Brent Murphy and Dr. Michael Augustine are here to help keep you smiling!