If your tooth has been damaged, our dentists may recommend a dental crown or onlay in Lincoln, Nebraska. These are dental restorations that can be used to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay, trauma or other factors. Dental crowns and onlays are both used to repair teeth, but they are slightly different. A crown is designed to cover the entire tooth, starting at the gums, while an onlay replaces only the damaged portion of the tooth.

Crowns are very versatile and can be used for a number of restorative and cosmetic purposes. We may recommend a custom-made dental crown to:

  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Enhance the function and aesthetics of a misshapen tooth
  • Support a large filling
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Improve the appearance of a severely stained or darkened tooth
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Restore a decayed or damaged tooth
  • Strengthen a fractured or weakened tooth

Our experienced dentists will help you determine which type of restoration is best suited to your personal dental needs. Both crowns and onlays are made to precisely fit your smile, and in many cases, we can use CEREC technology to complete your restoration in only one visit to Pine Ridge Dental. We welcome you to contact us at 402-423-1100 to learn more and schedule your appointment with Drs. Tom Tetrick, Rich Nolte, Brent Murphy, Michael Augustine or Stephanie McAndrew!