Zoom! Whitening Brightens Your Smile Fast

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Do you want to know how Zoom! Whitening brightens your smile? Pine Ridge Dental in Lincoln, Nebraska is proud to offer Zoom! Whitening in-house whitening and take-home whitening treatments. We can tell you more about how it all works.
A Zoom! in-house treatment can make your smile is up to six shades whiter in only 45 minutes or less. And best of all, it’s safe with little to no sensitivity or side effects. Your treatment will start with Dr. Brent Murphy checking your current shade. We will then prepare your mouth to be whitened. Dr. Brent Murphy will apply a layer of specially formulated Zoom! gel to your teeth, after which they will shine a blue LED light onto them to speed up the gel’s effects. This process is repeated three times for maximum effect. At the end, a post-treatment gel will be applied to reduce or eliminate your tooth sensitivity.
This take-home treatment can bring you a whiter smile in just one or two weeks. Dr. Brent Murphy will first offer you with a custom-made dental tray and gel. When you’re ready to use it, place a small amount of gel into each mold, put them over your teeth, and hold them there for a set time. Then brush your teeth and take pleasure in your brighter smile. The time you spend with the trays in your mouth will depend upon on your schedule and the results you desire.
If you want to know more about Zoom! Whitening treatments, just give us a ring at 402-423-1100 to book an appointment. We’d be thrilled to see you!