The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

Do you know the important differences between full and partial dentures? Our team is happy to review both versions for optimal tooth replacement to help you better understand how they can restore your smile. Below we will review the main types of dentures, which are full and partial dentures, and the benefits they have to offer. Dentures replace missing teeth... read more »

George Washington and Dentures

Were you aware that in 1976, more than 150 years after his death, George Washington was promoted to Six Star General in the U.S. military? This promotion was created only for Washington, meaning no military officer can ever outrank him. Read on to learn a little bit more about Washington's famous dentures. George Washington may be the most famous denture-wearer... read more »

How to Clean and Maintain Your Dentures

A pair of dentures represents a serious investment in oral functionality. Taking proper care of them will insure they last for a long time to come. Rinsing is important for removing any food debris that might have gotten stuck in the contours of the dentures or on your gum line. It also helps remove any leftover adhesive so you will... read more »