Don’t Dismiss Your Dental Checkups

It’s easy to justify skipping your regular dental cleanings if your teeth are healthy and you don’t have any obvious dental problems. After all, these visits with the dentist take time out of your busy day and aren’t necessary if you don’t have cavities, right? The truth is that regular dental cleanings and exams protect you from developing serious dental... read more »

Halloween Guidelines: Treatment Plans

It is important to make sure you're doing everything you can to keep your smile safe this Halloween season. This includes having effective treatment plans in place to prevent any accidents that may arise and establish effective oral health treatment plans to keep your smile at its best. During Halloween, set guidelines for trick-or-treating or candy consumption in your household.... read more »

Tips to Improve Your Oral Health Care

How would you rank your oral health care? Are you seeking out all options and supplementary techniques and treatment tools to ensure your teeth and gums are well cared for? On occasion, there are times when brushing and flossing could use an upgrade or even additional help beyond the services they can provide. Listed below are a few common tips... read more »