Oral Hygiene Topic: Thumb Sucking

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Thumb sucking is not good for a child’s oral health and tooth alignment. Although it may seem endearing and innocent, the effects it can have on their teeth are not good. It could seriously warp and displace the natural position of their teeth, and even hinder their growth. What’s more, it can modify their gum line and cause the next set of teeth, their permanent set, to grow in incorrectly or incompletely.
The first thing you can do to make an effort to praise your child when they stop sucking their thumb, to help reiterate in their minds not to do it. If your child continues to suck their thumb, especially after the age of 4, their pediatrician can administer a foul and bitter tasting substance that is placed on a child’s thumbs to discourage thumb sucking.
Oftentimes, a child sucks their thumb as a safety device, to help them in a fearful situation. They sometimes use it as a safety blanket to help them feel better protected. Always spend time building your child’s self-confidence so they will not have to rely on thumb sucking as a means of protection.
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