Give Your Mouth a Treat With CEREC® Dental Crowns or Fillings

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Did you know that CEREC® technology is extremely beneficial in a variety of ways to improve your smile? Give your mouth a treat with CEREC dental crowns or fillings. The benefits of CEREC include the following:
– CEREC crowns are fully customizable and designed for each individual tooth’s needs.
– CEREC technology is also used for dental fillings due to its tooth-like look.
– CEREC crowns are also generally known as same-day crowns because they are famous for being ready in a single day.
– CEREC crowns can often be customized and set in a single afternoon, eliminating the need for a temporary crown as you wait weeks for your crown to arrive from a lab.
– In order to ensure the best fit possible, your dentist can change the crown as it is being designed.
– CEREC crowns can often last over a decade before needing to be repaired or replaced.
– CEREC crowns are designed and milled directly at the dentist’s office using a computer which certifies quality and precision.
If you are in need of CEREC treatments with Pine Ridge Dental, simply call our dentist office at 402-423-1100 for an appointment in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dr. Brent Murphy and the rest of our team look forward to helping correct your smile so it can shine brightly for many years to come!