Does a Decayed Tooth Need a Dental Crown?

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Cavities start out as small areas of tooth decay, but without proper treatment, they can grow to be very extensive and even result in the tooth being lost. In order to address a large cavity without extracting the tooth, we can place a dental crown that keeps the tooth protected.
Two separate dental appointments with Dr. Brent Murphy are usually required to place a dental crown. First, our team removes any decay from the tooth by taking away the tooth enamel layer so that all that is left is the internal structure. This will serve as an abutment to provide support for the dental crown.
Then, we capture your bite pattern, including the treated tooth, in a dental impression to provide a guide for technicians to customize the creation of the crown in an off-site dental lab. To stop bacteria from invading the vulnerable tooth while the permanent crown is being made, we can place a temporary dental crown.
We later remove the temporary crown at your second visit when it’s time to cement the new crown over the tooth. Dental crowns are made to last for many years, though they require daily cleaning and care to remain durable.
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