Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Root Canal Therapy

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Are you aware of the causes of pulp damage? When your pulp becomes infected, it often requires a tooth extraction. However, it may be possible for a root canal therapy to be used to remove the pulp safely to allow the tooth to continue to function in your mouth. For a list of causes that can easily lead to pulp damage, read below:
– Oral accidents or injuries are a rampant cause of root exposure and pulp damage.
– Injuries can occur to your tooth enamel either instantly or over time that can be microscopic in nature and make your pulp vulnerable to infection without you being aware of it.
– If your tooth enamel has eroded to the point that a cavity has formed, future pulp damage is likely.
– Teeth that have undergone numerous dental procedures are often worn down to the point that they are extremely vulnerable to pulp infection.
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