Are Leafy Greens Good for Your Teeth?

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If you enjoy salad, we’ve got some good news for you: leafy greens are great for teeth! With all of the foods out there that can damage teeth, we thought you might enjoy learning a bit extra about the ones that are good for teeth. Read this post to find out a little bit more, and ask us about healthy diet choices during your next visit to our office.
Leafy greens, which can include foods like lettuce, spinach, kale, and arugula, are superfoods. They are both jammed with nutrients and somehow low-calorie. The greenest leafy greens promote oral health by strengthening your tooth enamel, which provides a barrier against cavity-causing bacteria. The folic acids in leafy greens may be particularly useful for women having children, as they might treat periodontal disease.
If you’d like to make leafy greens a part of your diet, you can always consume extra salad, but you might also deliberate on having them with other foods. Many people like to blend in a little bit of kale into smoothies, and spinach is good on alfredo pizzas! If you get creative, your teeth will benefit from the many different ways you discover to consume leafy greens.
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