Your child’s nutrition not only affects their overall health but has a powerful effect on their oral health as well. For example, too much sugar can increase the risk of tooth decay, and a lack of proper nutrition has been linked to an increased risk of developing oral cancer, defects in the tooth enamel and periodontal disease. Other deficiencies in nutrition can change the levels of bacteria and acidity in your child’s mouth and cause a greater buildup of plaque on their teeth.

However, there are also many nutrients that work to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthier and protect against infection and disease. Vitamin A aids in tooth formation, while vitamin B helps keep their teeth, gums and tongue functioning properly.

Each child has a unique metabolism, and the nutrients in certain foods may benefit your child more than nutrients in other foods. Our dentists will review your child’s current diet and oral health with you to determine the type of diet and nutrients that will be most beneficial for your child, as well as any changes to their eating habits and routines that they may need to make.

There are also a few basic steps you can take to help maintain your child’s oral health:

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