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Even the most effective toothbrush can’t access the areas between teeth or reach below the gum line to remove the plaque and food particles that build up in these spaces. Accumulations of plaque and food particles can cause you to develop gum disease and tooth decay. Our team encourages you to make flossing a regular habit, and we would be happy to offer additional information on proper flossing.
You should be flossing at least once a day, and most people choose to floss after brushing their teeth at bedtime. However, as long as you floss thoroughly, it doesn’t matter what time of day or if you floss before or after brushing.
Ensure that you have plenty of floss string to use, which means you will require about 18 to 24 inches of string. Wind the majority of the floss around your middle fingers until you have about 1 to 2 inches of floss in the middle. As you move on to the next tooth, be sure to use a fresh section of floss. Grip the string tightly with your fingers and slide it in up and down motions around each tooth. To reach below the gum line, curve the floss around the tooth base, but never force the floss or else you could cause damage to your gums.
You can find floss in a variety of flavors and may find that waxed nylon floss is the easiest for flossing. Single-filament floss can slide well between your teeth without shredding easily. If you find that traditional floss isn’t right for you, speak with the dentists about trying a water flosser, dental pick, or a pre-threaded flosser.
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